Schedule (Old)

Notice: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the formal epistemology workshop will take place online. Stay tuned for more information regarding the schedule and how to attend virtually.

Below is a list of the accepted papers and posters.

Accepted Papers

  • Mikayla Kelley: On Accuracy and Coherence with Infinite Opinion Sets
  • Sophie Horowitz, David Builes, Miriam Schoenfield: Dilating and Contracting Arbitrarily
  • Kevin Dorst: Overconfidence in Overconfidence
  • Jennifer Carr: Should You Believe the Truth?
  • David Kinney: Why Average When You Can Stack? Better Methods for Generating Accurate Group Credences
  • Paolo Santorio: Trivializing informational consequence
  • Snow Zhang and Alexander Meehan: Kolmogorov Conditionalizers Can Be Dutch Booked (If and Only If They Are `Evidentially Uncertain’)
  • Adam Bjorndahl: Knowledge Second
  • David Mccarthy, Kalle Mikkola and Teruji Thomas: Aggregation for potentially infinite populations without continuity or completeness
  • Boris Babic, Robert Winkler, Anil Gaba and Ilia Tsetlin: Noisy Stereotypes
  • Benjamin Levinstein: Accuracy, Deference, and Chance
  • Conor Mayo-Wilson: A Qualitative Characterization of Birnbaum’s Theorem

Accepted Posters

  • Milana Kostic: Learning Conditional Information
  • Michael Cohen: Opaque Updates
  • Aleks Knoks: Epistemic conflicts and Defeasible Rules
  • Sean Conte: How to beat Science and Polarize People
  • Nathan Gabriel: Modeling the Compositional Alarm Calls of Putty-Nosed Monkeys
  • Francesca Zaffora Blando: Algorithmic Randomness and Bayesian Merging of Opinions
  • Dave Gottlieb: Ergodicity Economics: A Critical Review